L&S Advising Appointment System

Frequently Asked Questions

  Why can’t I log in?  
  • You will be blocked from logging into the system after five failed login attempts. Your UCSBnetID is case-dependent, so be sure to enter it correctly.

  • You may be blocked from using the Advising Appointment System because you did not keep a scheduled appointment, or you canceled a scheduled appointment late.

  • The system may not recognize you as a valid student if you are not currently attending UCSB and have not contacted the College of Letters and Science in over five years.

  • If one of these situations apply to you, please contact our office to make your appointment

  May I see an advisor without an appointment?   
You may come to the office to meet with an advisor for 10-15 minutes on a Walk-In basis for the following situations:
  • State of emergency affecting academic progress
  • Complete withdrawal
  • Academic Enrollment Agreement (contract)
  • Academic Probation questions
  • Second repeat of a course. If the student needs the 2nd repeat for a major requirement, department approval is required prior to seeing walk-in advisor.
  • Registration Blocks
  • Graduation Evaluation from Registrar’s Office indicating student did not graduate
  • Athletic eligibility
  • Transfers from the College of Engineering or the College of Creative Studies
Weeks one and two are reserved for walk-in appointments only. No appointment is necessary during the first two weeks of Fall, Winter, or Spring term. Scheduled and walk-in appointments are available at the start of week three.

  Do I really need an appointment?  
You can come in without an appointment for the following:
  • To pick up or drop off petitions or forms
  • If you have questions pertaining to the current quarter
  • When in doubt, come and talk to us!

  Questions about major requirements?  
If you have questions about major requirements, please contact your department advisor.

  Can't come in person?  
If you are not able to come in person for an advising appointment, you may schedule a phone appointment by contacting our office. Generally, phone appointments are reserved for students who are out of the area.

  Dean appeals?  
You may not use this system to make appointments for appeals of decisions made by the College of Letters and Science. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with a Dean.

  How many appointments can I make?   
Students can schedule only one appointment at a time using the Advising Appointment System. If you need more than one appointment, contact our office.

  What if I miss my appointment?   
If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, or if you cancel within 2 business days of your scheduled appointment, you will be blocked from the Advising Appointment System. You may still schedule appointments, but you will need to contact our office to do so. After you have kept your next scheduled appointment, the restriction will be removed and you will have access to the system again.

  How can I contact the College of Letters & Science?  
  • Call 805-893-2038
  • Or come in: 1117 Cheadle Hall